Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY Day 4 - Visit Relatives in Melaka

Me & my 2 brothers departed early in the morning 6:30am and reached my dad's home town, Durian Tunggal, at 8:30am to have breakfast with my aunty & cousin Zi Yan.

This could be the last year we are celebrating CNY at here because the old house will be demolished soon.

The little vege farm in front of the old house. We wanted to bring back some plants to plant in our new house:

Continued to visit small aunty in Melaka city.

Cousin Fong shared his Wii which he bought it from Guangzhou. We started to get addicted with all the games. We spent the afternoon on Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Baseball, Gun shooting, Skiing, Sport car racing, bowling, etc. The most exhausting game could be the boxing :)

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