Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY Day 3 - My Birthday Celebration

Hoon, Janet, Sunny, Zing & I haven't been to Tropicana City Mall before, so we booked movie tickets - 14 Blades《锦衣卫》 to watch at there. We had some drinks at Taiwan Street before movie.

Mixed beans ice dessert, nothing special, seems like being cheated with its small portion:

While waiting for Suhsi to meet us......

Janet ordered sandwich to share:

After movie session, lunch at Sushi Tei:

Green tea & ginger:

The price is standard but the food is good & with quality.

I like their Tempura Udon:

Suhsi's curry rice:

Hoon's Katsudon:

The Cawanmushi is just too plain:

Sunny's Soba Katsu:

Janet's Sushi rice:

Refilling green tea for afternoon chit chat :)

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