Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY Day 14 - Colleagues' House Visiting

Every year we will go to colleagues' houses for angpow & cards playing. This year we had chosen Catherine's house for the first destination. OYL took Catherine daughter's toy to play lion dance for us:

We visited 4 houses in one day - Catherine(PJ), Hin(Kepong), JK(Wangsa Maju) & CWH(Bkt Jalil).

It was a good day for my zodiac sign. I won money in the morning and lose it all at night, no profit and no lost but I could spend the whole day playing cards :)

Group photos at Hin's house.

Group photo at JK's house:


hui ying said...

u won rm1 lah...

Yan Ting said...

i stopped myself not to lose the last RM1 :)