Monday, August 03, 2009

Loy's Farewell at Courtyard Garden

Recently there are many new staff reporting to work and also many old staff resigning. I'll be attending many farewell lunch/dinner. Today we had farewell lunch for Loy who had been joining us for 4 years.

This is my set lunch Teriyaki Chicken Chop (Japanese shonyu glaze chicken leg with cucumber maki sushi rice and daikon salad, served with tamago sauce) + Ice Lemon tea + Dessert = RM25:

CWH's Penang Fried Kuew Tieu. He didn't know it is mixed with little pieces of Si Ham, ended up kept picking to avoid eating it because of praying Sea God.

Kam's little portion of Mee Java:

YGH's order, forgot what is this.

Our set lunch dessert (fried banana with strawberry slice on top, served with chocolate):

5 years ago I had been to Courtyard Garden with my boss, Zaila & Chris b4 because of Zaila's bday. In my memory, that time the food of portion was larger than now. Today's lunch, everybody seems like wasn't full enough, so we had our 9th floor warming tea break earlier.

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