Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chinese Orchestra Funtasia2

One of my colleague, Zee, invited us to attend her Chinese Orchestra performance - Funtasia2 '家人有樂2'. Me, NCL, HuiYing & David were giving a try to watch the show.

The ticket is RM21 & the RM1 was contributed to Multi Mutual Charity Association. The performance took place in the hall of SJK (C) Chee Wen, USJ.

Zee in the pink colour shirt:

The music consists of Traditional Music, Cartoon Music, and Collective Creation. The cartoon music - Chibi Maruko Chan, Doraemon, Laputa the flying castle, etc. It's an introduction of Chinese Orchestra to us because they explaint to us the differences of all kinds of Chinese instruments by playing them one by one.

Er Hu solo:

The show wasn't as boring as we thought because it's mixed with funny comedy acting. 五彩缤纷的服装,真有亲切感。The only part which I felt bored was when they played traditional music.

The ending of the show:

It wasn't as high class as the western orchestra which we tried out few years ago but its creativity of this show was outstanding. Thanks Zee to introduce it to us.

After the show, we had a photo with Zee.

After the show, had an afternoon tea at Uncle Lim's cafe.

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