Saturday, August 22, 2009

BookFest 2009

It's risky to go to crowded places because of H1N1 but today it's the BookFest 2009 in Convention Centre KLCC. At the entrance, there were 2 staff measured our temperatures and were giving away masks.

Me & Zing walked separately because reading books is quite personal and our interests are not the same too. Not sure what I should pick, at the end when I wanted to leave the exhibition, this book captured my eyes.
放任心中的一百次流浪 by 刘轩 (RM24.90):

Combination of Japanese grammar from Level 4 to Level 1. Finally found a cheap grammar book and with 30% discount too. Although I have stopped my class already, sometimes I'm still interested to understand their tricky grammar. (RM36.05):

When I was about to leave the hall to KLCC for lunch, Nicholas Tse was there to promote the Digital dictionary on the stage. I was quite hungry that I didn't wait to watch their games.


hui ying said...

Is the 'Liu Lang' book nice?? Read already tell me what's it about ya!!!

Yan Ting said...

dunno u will like it or not =p

I have read the book written by this writer b4, so I try to read his latest book this time.

It will take me several months to read a book =p