Monday, July 06, 2009

Day trip to Tzu Chi Melaka

HuiYing was studying Chinese Calligraphy in Tzu Chi KL branch. Her semester ended and was having a graduation trip to Tzu Chi Melaka. Me and NCL joined her trip on Sunday. Our breakfast was this delicious bread which was made by one of the students from baking class.

We reached Bukit Bintang in the early morning to catch their bus departing at 7:15am. Around 10am we were out from Alor Gajah and reached Tzu Chi Melaka.

We were given a small cloth bag to keep our shoes before entering their building because we were not allowed to wear shoes in their building.

We were guided to their open area to interact with their clubs. This is their Japanese class section.

The tea culture class:

The violin group:

Designs from their pottery class students:

Hand made from the Paper Clay class students:

Then their graduation ceremony started, giving certifications:

The 古筝 performance by students. The left most student in blue colour shirt is HuiYing's Chinese Calligraphy teacher:

After lunch, we had a tour to visit around their buildings (the big hall, recycling centre, etc):

Visiting their clinic but no more doctors working on Sunday afternoon:

Their Jing-Si Book Cafe:

So many books for sell, so as stationary:

NCL and HuiYing in front of Tzu Chi Academy:

The building looks so new and well renovated.

After a day trip, we finally understand what this charity society is about. On the way home, they were promoting their own 大爱 TV (6 channels, somewhat like Astro but broadcasting moral/ buddhism/ their society news, etc). They were also pursuing us to become their members, helping the poor, donating money.


teddy bear said...

hi , hui jiun here, UTM architecture student from Penang. haha....
just saw ur blog about ur visit to Tzu Chi last time. u still rmbr the layout of the building? can u pls kindly
sketch for me? pls...

i really need it for coming thesis presentation...

hope to get ur reply soon. best wishes! :)

Yan Ting said...

teddy bear,
not good in architecture =p
Was long ago visited the building~ KL kepong will soon build one too~