Saturday, July 18, 2009

Broga Hill

Gathered at office in the early morning 4:30am to go Broga hill with colleagues. The journey to Broga from office took us about 1.5hours. We started to climb the Broga hill at 6am and by the time I reached up to the hill, it's already crowded with people.

There were a few routes to go up the hill and we accidentally took one of the hardest routes with some slippery steep steps that made part of us thought of giving up halfway.

Came up here, of course have to take photo of lalang.

Half of the gang continued going up the hill while half of us took our own sweet time to rest and to take photos.

NCL, me & PeiChi were looking far away from hill:

I'd wanted to take a jumping photo:

Thank god I'm here. 躺在高山边缘中的感觉:

Group photo before we walked down the hill:

After coming down from Broga hill, we continued to visit the rabbit farm (RM5) that located opposite of Broga hill.

Feeding rabbit with carrot:

I looked so shocked when feeding the horse with carrot:

Later we had lunch at 石水烧鱼 for ikan bakar, then visited Sek Na Tuk temple before going back home.


Josephine said...

What a nice outing!

Yan Ting said...

yeah... tiring but fun.