Thursday, April 30, 2009

Long Weekend

Going Ipoh with colleagues on Labour Day. We named this 3D2N trip as 'Ipoh Hochak Trip cum JK Wedding'. There are 13 of us (me, Aren, CJ, CWH, David, Gerlin, HuiYing, MingLi, NCL, OYL, PeiChi, Richard & YGH) will be going earlier before the day of JK's wedding. We were invited since last December and we had come out with this itinerary:

Day One (1 May)
9am: Gather at PJ Uptown for breakfast.
10am: Depart from KL.
11.30am: Reach Sungkai Hot spring.
1pm: Depart from Sungkai.
2.15pm: Reach Ipoh and Check-in + Shopping in Cheong Kong.
3pm: Goto "Da Shu Geok" eat Yong Tau Fu.
4.30pm: Free and Easy.
8pm: Goto "Dong Gu Teng" eat seafood [optional: go to Voolly].
9.30pm: Ipoh cyber step field [optional: goto JJ, Tesco].
12pm: BOMBAY event [optional: child pls sleep early]

Day Two (2 May)
7.30am: Depart from apartment. Arrive "Man Lee Mong" hill and start climbing Ipoh and enjoy the Ipoh view.
9.30am: Go breakfast.
11.30am: Reach JK house and have wedding lunch [optional: witness the "zham cha" ceremony please go at 11am].
1pm: Leave. Goto eat rojak and ABC [if the stall not yet "zap lap"] or white coffee.
2pm: Check in the hotel that JK booked for everyone.
3pm: Have egg tart and buy "Hiong Beng".
4pm: Free and Easy.
5.30pm: Go to tidy up, and prepare to JK's wedding.
11pm: Clubbing event [optional: TTE birthday count down].
12:30 am: [Optional] goto eat Nga Choy Gai.

Day Three (3 May)
8.00am: Wake up, go to Fu San Dim Sum [first goto drink soya bean at Kei Fong].
1pm: Check out and go to eat Hong Tou Mee.
then go to buy "Lok Yau" / White coffee.
go to kampar buy "Roti Chicken".
[Optional: Don't want to go can continue the journey to KL].
X pm: Go back KL.

Ipoh Trip: Itinerary | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

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