Friday, May 08, 2009

Ipoh Trip cum JK's wedding - Day Two

CWH suggested to have a morning walk up to the hill for Ipoh view.

He says wearing slipper is okay to walk the trek but himself was wearing sport shoes. We were cheated to wear slippers.

Group photo and HuiYing was the camera girl:

Morning Ipoh view.

The longkang view:

After the morning walk, we were back to apartment to tidy up before attending JK's wedding lunch.

Only our gang in the wedding lunch hall......

because we were late. JK kept calling why we were late.

We ate until the last that their family already tidy up the hall:

Then we were invited to their house to see their wedding photo albums. The next will it be YGH & PeiChi who were enjoying the photos seriously.

Photo session with the bride.

After the wedding lunch, we thought of searching the WanKat food stall but the hawker told us that the WanKat seller already retired this CNY. So we went to Ipoh old town to buy our souvenir food. Later, we check-in the Hotel Ipoh City which JK booked for everyone who attends his wedding dinner.

Ready to go for the wedding dinner:

JK & Chean Chean's wedding dinner:

The first dishes of the wedding dinner:

After the dinner, we were back to the hotel to have our Bombay event at David & Richard's room to celebrate TTE's birthday. Richard sponsored everybody his Bombay Sapphire (47% alcohol) to mix with the orange juice and Sprite.

This could not get us drunk, another group photo - 1, 2, 3 = [superman/spiderman/ultraman/sailormoon]

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