Friday, May 08, 2009

Ipoh Trip cum JK's wedding - Day Three

The next morning, we check-out from hotel.

Breakfast at Ming Court Dim Sum instead of Fu San.

Then we searched for the Soya Bean Funny Mountain.

The glass of soya bean is RM0.70, it was kinda too sweet.

Still wanna go for Ipoh white coffee? everybody was too full.

Never know I had taken a series of windows in Ipoh:

We had lunch at Kampar coz Richard wanna meet his father in law.

Time to go back KL before it was too jam on the highway due to the long weekend. For this 3D2N Ipoh trip, I was actually forgotten to bring along my IC & other cards in my purse while packing clothes, only realised it on the 2nd day of afternoon. Thank god no road block :)

Our next trip to Ipoh should be attending CWH's wedding dinner on 25th Oct. Half year later! But he hasn't officially invited us.

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