Saturday, January 10, 2009

Camera Charger is back

Last month my elder bro accidently packed our camera charger into his luggage before leaving to Hongkong with Teresa. He'd sent it back home now:) 兄はカメラの充電器を送ってくれました。
Also added 3 more stamps into my collection. 3 枚切手を集めました。
- Food -
It seems that the Perfect Gourment restaurant 十全十美 restaurant is no longer there but it's replaced with this Zen Ichi 善一 japanese restaurant. It's newly opened 2 weeks only. The price is a bit expensive if compared to other jap restaurants. The interior design doesn't have much jap feel, just broadcasting chinese pop songs.
It's just a simple fried ebi Udon but cost RM16. Bento set is RM19.90. The free green tea can keep refilling.

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