Monday, October 13, 2008

Rainbow in sunny rain

During the evening, on the way back home... Sunny with rain.
Several rainbows appeared in different location, saw at least 5.
- Souvenir -
Gerlin was back from S'pore, some chocolate & candy from her. The japanese girl is made of a white nut (head) & rice cracker (body). So cute, but once eaten it's gone. Took a photo for remembrance.


hui ying said...

Wah.. Yanting, ur upload damn fast.. we just saw this, like, today evening .. haha

How come ChooiFong din give me geh.. Unfair!!

Yan Ting said...

bcoz I'm the nearest to her... haha.

You also saw the rainbows? So many today evening. All the way from office until home.