Saturday, October 18, 2008

Butterfly Award

Recently many bloggers will have this picture pasted on thier blogs. It's the Butterfly Award for the coolest blog I ever know. Josephine and Cheryl had also given me the award. I'm also not gonna leave a comment telling the bloggers that their blogs are awarded. There are some blogs which I will visit once a while because of their nice photos, especially food & places. e.g., She Who Eats, Charlie & Sinjie, Valen.

Another week......
Next week thursday is Hoon's birthday, we'll celeb for her during the weekend which we have a longer holiday, Deepavali. Sunny suggested FRIM, everybody is OK with it and then maybe lunch at Hot Pot Chicken. Meanwhile, the day of Terry Fox Run (2 Nov), CWH welcomes us to his house warming where we have bought a DVD player & blender for him.

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