Saturday, April 26, 2008

I downloaded a true story movie "Into The Wild".

The story is written in novel first, then only it is taken into film, Sept 2007. The story is about the adventures of Christopher McCandless into the wilderness. Once McCandless, top student, graduated from his college, he leaves his middle class life and travel into the wild to pursuit freedom. He destroys all of his credit cards and identification documents, donates all his savings, burnt all his money. His goal is to travel into Alaska, living alone and spending time with the nature. What a weird person, he's also from a problem family that made him decided to leave the reality. The story goes on so well, he meet many kind of people in the wild, he hunts for food in the jungle, hitchhike to reach his destination, he discovers a magic bus.... Until one day he wrongly picks poisonous berries that make him ill badly, eventually he starves to death. The tragic makes him realises "Happiness is only real when shared". Later people use his diaries that left in the magic bus to be written as a novel.

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