Sunday, December 16, 2007

Balik Melaka

Balik Durian Tunggal with my brothers & cousin. A short stay at my aunty's house for 3D2N. This is the place where my dad grew up.
Our traditional food - Lui Cha.
This time, they had grown ribena tree, so we had some home made ribena drinks.
Some flowers in the village.
Afternoon shopping at Pahlawan Megamall.
This is St John Hill. It's right behind my youngest aunty's tyres shop.
It's windy when standing up on top. I could overlook the sea.
My 2 aunties who had been living here for 60+ years never been up here before.
My 4-year-old nephew (Zhe Xian).
My 6-year-old nephew (Zhe Yi).
St Paul's Church.
My elder brother & nephews.

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