Thursday, December 21, 2006

2D1N at Malacca

My brother & I went down to Malacca to visit my aunties.

That 2 days were rainy, thus we couldn't go to some historical places. Uncle brought us to the newly built Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. Christmas decorations were all around the shops. We found that shopping in Melaka is more worth than KL:) because the prices even cheaper. Hehe, next year can go down to Melaka shop, better. There's an area selling Melaka culture crafts & food - Heritage Gallery.

At night we originally thought of visiting the Portuguese town to see the christmas lights but rain hadn't stopped. Well, stayed at house to see some old photo albums from aunty. I discovered something, never known that my grandpa & grandma visited Taiwan at 1980. The 1st & 2ns from left:

That night me & my brother were separated. I stayed at eldest aunty's house in Durian Tunggal while my brother stayed at youngest aunty house which near to Melaka town. Me & my cousin finished watching a set of old Taiwan idol drama (20 episode) - The Stars of Snow Land (雪地里的星星) by Peter Ho.
Just finished it in 1 hour by skipping/fast forwarding and watch the beauty parts only =p The next day, all of us met together and went to Parkson because the sky was still raining. Wow, it had been raining for 1 night but still hadn't stopped.

My brother & my cousins' sons & daughter:

Came to a shop named 'In-Base', found a T-shirt with a map printed, kinda attractive..... So, I've bought it:) It must be hand-wash because there are many shinny plates sew on it. Wonder what's the map, kinda like south America?

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