Sunday, August 13, 2017

New Zealand Day 5

[23 Mar 2017] Today we went hiking in Mt Cook Hooker Valley. The signboard mentioned it required 1hr 35mins for one way.

Glacial ice river

Lower Hooker Suspension Bridge

We three v

Finally we reached Hooker Lake.

Break time with our prepared sandwiches.

Time to trek back.

It's getting hot and sunny in the afternoon with blue sky.

Very beautiful river scene in Mt Cook Hooker Valley

I wanted a snow cap mountain backdrop.

Goodbye Mt Cook.

Overnight in Twizel Holiday Park. Two-Bedroom Chalet (NZD150)
What a sunny evening, so we did our laundry here. Then we headed to Twizel town for a walk.

Our cottage with 2 bedrooms, small kitchen, living room and limited free wifi.

Homecooked dinner (Pineapple sauce chicken, onion fried egg, ABC soup) and simple breakfast (cereal, croissant, plum).

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