Friday, June 02, 2017

New Zealand Day 1

[19 Mar 2017] Last night 11pm our flight departed from KLIA2 by AirAsia. The journey from KLIA2 to Gold Coast (transit 55mins) took us about 8 hours. My flight meal - Nasi Briyani:

When transit in Gold Coast, coincidentally heavy rain and the boarding plane did not have sky bridge. Ended up, the passengers need to walk in the rain to board the plane before late. 

4:40pm (NZ time), we landed on Auckland safely. Then we took the Super Shuttle (NZD54 shared by 3) to the city centre. Checked in Haka Lodge Auckland in Karangahape Road.
We booked the private Quad En-Suite room for 2 nights. A recommended one. Good quality, nice bed, fully equipped kitchen and free wifi. 

Dinner in Krung Thep Thai Street Food in K road.

Our first meal in NZ - Pad Thai noodles:

Tom yum seafood soup & rice:

The green curry fried rice:
After dinner, we're back to hostel to rest.

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