Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Treat at Plan B

Dinner at Plan B, Bangsar Village after working hour:

My Watermelon Lychee (RM9):

OYL's Char-Grilled Cheeseburger - Juicy homemade patty with melted cheddar slices, fries & onion rings (RM25):

My Marinara spaghetti tossed with herby vine - ripened tomato sauce, capers, fresh prawns & calamari (RM23):

CWH's Chicken Burger layered with herb mayo, turkey bacon crisps, tomato, butterhead lettuce & avocado-feta mash, served with home-made chips (RM24):

Gerlin's Carbonara spaghetti with turkey ham & mushrooms, tossed in classic creamy sauce (RM20):

NCL's Fisherman Catchbreaded white fish fillet on a milk bun with coleslaw & home-made tartare sauce, served with home-made chips (RM24):

HuiYing's Spicy Crabmeat linguine scented with lemongrass & kaffir lime, tossed with tomatoes, garlic, spiced prawn oil & fresh crabmeat (RM23):

Happy moment together:

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