Monday, April 25, 2011

Team Lunch at T-Break Cafe

At ground floor lobby, there's a new cafe opened recently. It's my first time to try out the food here. Most of the cafe here couldn't last long, so let's give it a try before it closes down. Yen treated the Technical Services team :)

This is my Pomodoro Pasta (RM9.90) and Orange Juice (RM4.50). Nothing so special, it's cooked with tomato sauce and chicken slices:

Yen and Kenny ordered the same food. Their Blackpepper Chicken Chop (RM8.90). It seems like not enough sauce for the white rice, kinda dry:

Low's set lunch that served with Ice Lemon tea and Dessert - Primavera Pasta with Blackpepper Chicken Chop (RM12.90). It seems like a combination of my Pasta + Kenny's Blackpepper Chicken:

The decoration of Zaila's Tuna Sandwich (RM10.90) looks tempted:

Chris' Roast Chicken & Mash Potato (RM10.90) looks even more tempted:

Yong's portion looks kinda small - Food Long Sausage (RM8.90). This reminded him about the sausage from Thai's 7 Eleven:

The portion of CSL's Chicken & Mushroom Quiche (RM7.90) was even smaller. Some colleagues commented it's quite nice, really? Forgot to ask my boss:

Well, all dishes here are served with chips but not my favourite fries. Unfortunately Ismal, Ravi & Ila couldn't join us today. The food here are just so-so only, just nice for small eater.

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