Saturday, April 02, 2011

Birthday & Promotion Celebration at Seoul Garden

It's multiple celebration for this round. Birthday for Gerlin & CJ, promotion to assistant manager for NCL, YGH & Pei Fen and myself as senior. 4 of us who got promoted will need to take out RM100 each to treat the gang. Korean food again...... Seoul Garden at 1U. The buffet dinner is RM35.88++ and free flow drink is RM3.99. The choices of food was quite limited. 6 flavours of ice cream only: Different kind of meat balls: Mushroom & meat for BBQ/Steamboat: Side dish were not bad but very less choices - cucumber, bean & carrot. It didn't have our favourite little dry fish. Each table can have 1 flavour as steamboat soup. My table was tom yum soup, another for chinese herb soup & kimchi soup (taste like tomato soup): Salad...

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