Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fund-raising for Japan

Went over to do recycle this morning, there's fund raising for Japan earthquake and tsunami. The volunteers were called to raise fund at LRT station last night because there was Super Junior korean concert at Putra Indoor stadium. My volunteer friend told me that the malay fans were surprisingly more enthusiastic on donating money than the chinese fans. They were raising fund at other places like shopping malls, night market, jogging gardens, LRT stations, etc.

There could donate any amount of donation as they like. All were given cards to write down their blessings for the earthquake victims. Food distribution had already delivered to Japan. Anybody can come and join the Pray for Japan on the coming Saturday night.
This morning at the recycle point, we received a lot of cassettes and video tapes. They said the plastic of the cassettes were recycable.

So we pulled out the film from cassettes as rubbish. The cards in the cassettes were recycable as hard paper.

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