Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chinese New Year Day 13: My Birthday Celebration

Hoon, Janet, Sunny & Zing celebrated my birthday one day earlier. We went for lunch at Uncle Duck, Timesquare:

Sunny's noodle:

Hoon's Chicken set with fish soup (RM16.90):

My Pork set with herbal soup (RM18.90):

Zing's Duck set with super spicy soup:

Me & my food:

Zing left earlier after the lunch because of working on holiday. After lunch, it's movie session - I Love HK. The movie is quite meaningful & funny, worth a watch.

Janet's duck noodle. The soup is made of plum flavour, kinda special:

After back home, my parents told me Sheau Yuan came over to find me in the morning but I was outside with my friends. She purposely bought this birthday cake over:

Office's February birthday party cake: