Wednesday, December 01, 2010

PeiChi's Birthday Celebration at Pasta Zanmai

Birthday girl says where to eat. This time we went for the Pasta Zanmai in Mid Valley. All the food that we ordered were delicious. This was the Short-neck Clam & Japanese Mushroom Tomato Sauce Pasta (Asari to Kinoko no Tomato Sauce アサリとキノコのトマトソース) :

Mini Tempura Prawn Sesame Pasta & Roasted Eel on Rice served with Miso Soup. The Mini Set (RM23) was not mini at all (Mini Ebi Tempura no Gomadare Pasta to Mini Unagi Onsen Tamago Rice ミニ海老天ぷらの胡麻だれパスタとミニ鰻温泉玉子ライス):

Grilled Scallop & Mushroom with Spicy Cod Fish & Mushroom Pizza (Hotate to Kinoko no Mentaimayo Pizza ホタテとキノコの明太マヨピザ) (RM26):

Potato Gratin with Chicken (Chicken to Potato no Gratan チキンとポテトのグラタン) (RM20):
Nowadays our topic couldn't run away from LHTS (Learn How To Swim) club which organised by colleagues. Can't wait for the next lesson.

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