Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fish Spa at Kenko Reflexology

Me, Janet & Sunny went for the fish spa in Kenko, Pavilion KL.
It's free using the voucher from SHAPE run. It worth RM38 for 30mins.

There are 2 areas - big fish (inner) & small fish (outer).

Zing couldn't join us because she might have lost her voucher.

I took several videos using my handphone & enjoyed the spa.

See, the big fish was quite big:

Small fish:

Lunch at Sakae Sushi. Janet recommended the Kimchi Ramen:

She ordered sashimi too:

Zing was quite disappointed with the Sushi Salad as it tasted like the 'lou sang' but I find it OK:

My Kimchi Nabe soup with 2 half shell scallops & assorted vegetables. It's not too spicy, mild & a bit sweet:

Christmas Tree Wonder passed by:

When Zing was paying the bill, she took out an envelope and the stamps attracted my eyes:

Then I realised it's her purse. It's made by waterproof envelope with different compartments that she could keep her cards:

So as 2 separated compartments for cash:


Vi said...

My handphone bag also look as zing one~ :)

Yan Ting said...

oh, really? She recommended you to buy?

hui ying said...

Nice purse.. what is the price??

Yan Ting said...

quite expensive. My friend likes to order things from internet, this one she bought at USD15.