Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Treats

I don't really follow the FIFA World Cup, so as the rules of football. Kim stopped by my workstation......

Me: So, tonight who fights who?
Kim: Argentina and Korea. Who do you guess will win?
Me: Of course is Argentina la~
Kim: Ok, I want the exact score, how many vs how many?
Me: erm...... 4 - 1, lah~
Kim: The pool doesn't hav this column. Ok, I go ask them add in this.
Me: You buy la~ will win -_-
The Next Day......
Kim: Argentina : Korea (4 -1)! Today let's go E&C, I treat.

Lunch with Kim, TLA & GANKS at ChiLLax (A Place to Chill & Relax):

Friday special: nasi lemak + free drink.

I think it should be my 2nd time visiting this restaurant eventhough I'd been working around this area for so long.


hui ying said...


so, gimme 4 digits..

Yan Ting said...

I always give Ravi & Yong 4 digits but they never win b4, haha~