Thursday, June 25, 2009

Souvenir from Taiwan

CYW just back from Taiwan after taking wedding photos at there. He bought many unique souvenirs for us.

Variety shapes of porcelain flute 陶笛:

Variety of candy:

TTE decorated his desk with this yellow duck porcelain flute:

Gerlin's turtle shape of flute:

LTK chosed the baby milk bottle shape:

Chris picked this little green flute:

I have this original shape of porcelain flute:

All of us were given a music notes booklet to practice playing our flutes. The booklet have many songs like 奇异恩典, 西风的话, 豆豆龙(龙猫)主题曲, 铁达尼号, 风中奇缘, etc.


hui ying said...

u din mention CYW suspected with H1N1 after he's down with flu... whahaha..

the souvenirs are so cute!! I hope i m at the 9th floor... :(

Yan Ting said...

dunno the result true or not until tomorrow.