Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday Celebration for CJ

Station One at Jaya One. It's CJ's birthday.

Make a wish......

3 pieces of cake from Secret Recipe, flavours of durian, mango delight and cuppuccino. Today the singer of the cafe stated that he only sings old songs, so we purposely dedicated some very old songs for him to sing, like 齐秦's '大约在冬季', 新不了情, Eason's '单车', etc.

- Movie -

I was curious about the Japanese film of "Okuribito" / "Departures" which was nominated for the Best Foreign Language film in Academy award. Now, I have finally watched it. Then only I know it's by Masahiro Motoki 本木雅弘 & Ryoko Hirosue 広末凉子. Masahiro Motoki was acted in The Longest Night in Shanghai 2007 with Zhao Wei as a professional beautician and this time he is also a professional beautician but helps to make-up on corpes.

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