Sunday, August 10, 2008

MYFM 至尊10载 at Genting

Sunny booked a room in Genting for us during the weekend for a 2D1N stay.
While in the indoor theme park, we saw Beyond's 叶世荣 & 黄贯中 was promoting their concert coming soon in Genting on 11 Oct 08.
Janet just got the MYFM tickets for us 15mins before departing from Terminal Putra. At least we got something to do at night to attend this celebration.
It's MY FM's 10 years old Birthday Celebration with the theme of 百变宇宙. Other than the DJs, many local & foreign singers were invited, eg: 林宇中, 郭静, 陈势安, 伍家辉, Astro新秀彦莞倩, 张致成, Oak Smith, James, 刘力杨, Yoga 林宥嘉, 张栋梁, 曾国辉,黄威尔, etc.All the DJs came out with their own custume, like mermaid, Sailormoon, pirate, Dragon ball. 林宇中came out with the dressing of Man In Black. Followed by James from Thailand who dressed in Matrix custume.
Claire Guo 郭静, as a flower angel (花仙女), singing '下一个天亮' & '大玩笑'.
The night's special guest - Z Chen 张智成, bringing out his newly released.
超级女声刘力杨from Beijing, giving away the set of Olympic mascot.
She once again high up the atmosphere with '我就是这样', followed by '传说' with Yoga 林宥嘉.
We were very near to 刘力杨's fans, so we also accidentally helped to shout for fun. I kept my camera battery for Yoga 林宥嘉 as highest priority. The most important moment - Yoga 林宥嘉's 伯乐! Everybody knows how to sing it and followed to sing because it's a hit song in MY FM.
Yoga 林宥嘉 sang us another song - 病态.
Nicholas 张栋梁 had the largest fansclub in the hall, they purposely came from S'pore and scream like hell for him. He dressed as a Sailor.
The fans kept taking up their banners and hands, so hard to capture a photo without obstacles.
Finally the MY FM big cake was moved out and all stars were gathered together with pieces of colourful papers & balloons dropped down from the ceiling.
From left: Oak Smith, 彦莞倩, 伍家辉, 陈势安, 刘力杨, 林宥嘉, 张栋梁. more photos

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