Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day One of Hanoi Trip

2 weeks after we were back from Hanoi, we hit a news of flash floods brought to northen Vietnam, landslides in Lao Cai and 31 were killed, many were missing. [News] Wow, it's just 2 weeks different that we could be the victim.

19 July 2008, 10am at NoiBai International Airport. HuiYing requested Pham Nga to arrange for airport pickup. That afternooon, we started with Old Quater. Passed through East Gate... Dong Xuan market...

Along the 36 streets of Old Quater, each street is specialised in selling for particular product. Like this street, it's just selling for all kinds of cigarates. Then, the next street is just selling spec/glasses, another street is selling inner wears, sport shoes, groceries... Everywhere is tour agencies and hotels.
The summer in Hanoi is very hot. We simply rested to have Sinh To (shakes). So many kind of flavours, eg: tomato, avocado, mangosteen, guave, durian... Price ranges from 10,000VND to 20,000VND. We gotta try out one time sitting on litte chair at road side '冒街'.
Kept on walking... and walking......
Reached the Hoan Kiem Lake.
To visit the temple in Hoan Kiem, 3,000VND is required.
The typical Hanoi hat. The hawker is ready to make a bowl of noodle everywhere for sale with his mobile baskets.
Water Puppet (水上木偶) show at Thang Long Puppet theatre. Some of the visitors fell asleep because everybody had been walking all day long and finally could sit down here to relax. The story of this show was about the life of vietnamese in a village, working in paddy field, lion dancing, fish catching, etc.
Dinner at Cha Ca La Vong. Learning how to mix the ingredients.
The cooking is just normal, nothing special but the price is so expensive. 90,000VND per head, so we just share to eat it.
After dinner, it's pasar malam time before going back to hotel.

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