Saturday, May 24, 2008

第三届Bookfest Malaysia

Sunny with her college friends (Grace & Sam) and highschl friends (me & Janet) met up to visit the Bookfest Malaysia 2008. It's the 3rd year of helding this exhibition in KLCC convention centre.
Among the sea of books, I have chosen this book with many interesting drawings & photos. The authur introduces what interested her during her traveling life. 一直往外跑 (RM23.05) This book is translated from a Korean writer. 倾听 (RM19.90).
We all had lunch in Avenue K's Kim Gary before visiting the bookfest. This was my set of SiChuan 炸菜肉丝 noodle soup.
Janet's mix ingredients of noodle soup set.
Sunny's spaghetti tasted so-so only.

- One Million Star -
One of the highlights on 16 May 2008 was one of the contestant (黃靖倫) duet with his idol Jeff Chang:

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Zing said...

I went there too, bt 4gotten which day...
Hehehe... i wait tis event 2 b come since few mth ago... wuahahaha... nv mis-out onnce~