Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hoon's Convocation

Congratulations to Hoon! She finally got her cert of Secretaries & Administration. Her convocation was held at PWTC this afternoon. Me, Sunny & Zing shared to buy her a cute little teddy bear. No flowers from us, she had received bunches of flowers from her sisters & her office. The afternoon was raining heavily, we couldn't go out to celebrate for her, we sat down at a restaurant in the hotel and have some drinks while waiting the rain stops. It was a gathering since chinese new year, too bad that Janet wasn't able to join us today. Well, we will gonna meet up again next month to celebrate Janet's birthday.

- Movie -
Miss Potter (2006) by Renee Wellzeger, an English oldern days story about the famous artist - Beatrix Potter. It's the cartoon that we used to watch during childhood that we had already forgotten:

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