Monday, May 28, 2007

Back from Cherating trip

Just back from Cherating 2D1N trip on Saturday & Sunday (26&27). We were in a fishing village taking photo:

This was the resort that we were staying - Suria Cherating:
Enjoyed coffee & roti bakar in the famous Hai Peng Kopitian in Kemaman town:
Group photo at the Turtle Santuary in the afternoon:
We were so lucky that the Turtle Santuary had the little turtle going back to sea performance at night, we had a group photo by using Catherine hubby's camera:
Kites were flying high up to the blue sky freely:

It was my first time to fly a kite.
Waiting for the sunrise in the early morning. We managed to wake up early at 5:30am although we had beer session at late night.
Of course I wanna take a photo with the sunrise:

The golden color yolk rised up:

Group photo after the sunrise watching session at the seaside:
Playing in the water with the morning sun:
After check-out, we had seafood lunch at a seaside restaurant at roadside. The trip was quite enjoyable & memorable. It was well organised & full of activities.

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