Saturday, November 07, 2015

Korea Trip Day 1 - Busan

[5 Oct 2015] We bought AirAsia ticket more than one year ago to go Busan with RM260 for one way. And back from Seoul to KL with RM369.80. We departed from KLIA2 at midnight 1:50am and reached Busan Gimhae International Airport the next morning at 8:30am.

We bought HUmetro One Day Pass ₩4500:

We found our way to the hostel we booked - Dynamic Guesthouse.

After check-in and settled down, we went down for brunch. Simply found a restaurant that cooked noodles. We could not understand a single korean word written on the board -_-"

Simply ordered one to test, luckily it's acceptable.

First destination - Gamcheon Culture Village

We headed to Toseong station and took a bus. 

Completed the chops, mission accomplished!

Next destination - Jagalchi Fish Market

Street food time around Nampodong BIFF Square
Tried out yummy Tteokbokki, Odengs, Hotteok

Whenever we were trying to get out from subway, we hardly find the escalator. Ended up we need to walk up the stairs.

Passby 40 Steps Cultural Tour Street:

Visit to Yongdusan Park but we did not went up Busan Tower.

Walking along Gwangbokro Fashion Street
then we had our dinner, typical korean food. 

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