Sunday, December 11, 2011

Out to Pavilion KL

Lunch with my brothers & Teresa at Food Republic, Pavilion KL. Elder bro intro his gf to try out the Sarawak cuisine. This was the Sarawak Laksa (RM8.90):

My Seafood noodle soup with fresh prawns, fishballs, sotong, seaweed, crab meat, quite nice =p

My seafood noodle soup bowl was actually looked like this:

Elder bro's Beef noodle:

Younger bro's Fried noodle:

A photo after the meal:

Do we look alike?

Then we went up to the upper level at Pavilion to visit the Tokyo Street:

Many food stalls, Japanese restaurant & cafes, Japanese craft/cosmetics, Daiso Japan, etc:

Xmas is coming to town. How to fold Santa Origami:

Decorate yourself:

more Santa hanging on the Tokyo Street:

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