Friday, July 16, 2010

Yamato Drum Concert

Hui Ying told us there was a free admission Yamato Japanese Drum concert at Auditorium DBKL. We went over after work and queued up for 1 hour, our seats were the first 4 row.

The show started at around 8:30pm with awesome drum playings.

It's mixed with musical, jokes & fighting acts:

Not only drums but with other instruments like oriental guitars, flutes & crymbals too:

It's so GOOD! Can't believe it's free. The audience says if it's not free, will still go for it.

Your heatbeats followed the drums..... Syiok!

Good job, everyone! The hall was full of cheer clappings. Encore!
The show was funny, with some actings. They were full of facial expressions.

We kept clapping our hands for encore, once again they were on the stage for a final play, nice! It's kinda addicted.

Huuaah! Photo session for the press:

Another pose for the press:

We still didn't want to leave the hall because wanted to wait for the chance to take photos with the japanese drummers. While waiting, we snapped photos with the taiko drums:

It's a chance for the left over audience to take a group photo with the Yamato drummers, yay!

She is very talented:

One of the funniest:

Like his hairstyle:

Hui Ying's friends. When the runners met the drummers:

Check out their World Tour schedule. How lucky we could watch them live in KL.


hui ying said...

wana watch again!!!!

Yan Ting said...

yes lo~ Now only can view from youtube. I also wanna see them again!