Saturday, May 22, 2010

Early Birthday Celebration for Janet

Celebrated Janet's birthday at Pasta Zanmai, 1U.

It's 12pm, not many guests yet......

Zing, Janet & Sunny:

The birthday girl & I:

Aburi Salmon no Gomadare Shitate (Half-broiled Salmon Pasta with Sesame Sauce):

Toriniku no Soup Pasta (Grilled Chicken Soup Pasta):

Sauce Yaki Pasta (Prawn & Squid Fried Pasta):

Squid Ink Pasta:

We like their pizza with crispy topping. This is Hotate to Kinoko no Mentaimayo Pizza (Grilled Scallop & Mushroom with Spicy Cod Fish Roe & Mayonnaise Pizza):

My milky green tea with red bean at the bottom :)

Hoon's Japanese ice coffee, Sunny's Green Tea coffee, Suhsi's Strawberry drink:

Unagi Kabayaki to Onsen Tamago no Pizza (Roasted Eel & Hot-spring Egg Pizza):

Waiter, please take a photo for us:

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