Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tea Break at San Francisco Coffee

Recently our office had been coming in staff from HK regional. I was assigned to provide IT support for 3 regional auditors from HK in the past 2 weeks. It's the last day for Swee Ting, Eric & Peter to work in Msia office.

Remembered the first day when I just met them, Peter was very curious that we could speak all kind of languages. Then he knew I prefer to talk in mandarin, so the team started to speak mandarin with me instead of their cantonese. Peter was so eager to learn Malay. Swee Ting told me that he would like to learn from anybody who understand Bahasa, including the malay tea lady.

Peter: Why don't you speak Bahasa to me?
Me: I'm afraid you can't understand.
Peter: Can you speak Bahasa?
Me: Boleh....
Peter: What drink do you prefer?
Me: Hot chocolate?
Peter: Do you want "satu ayam"?
Me: -_-"
Me, Eric, Swee Ting: Hahaha......

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