Monday, March 30, 2009

Fire Fighting training

9 of us(me, CSL, Zaila, Kenny, Yong, Chris, Ravi & Ila) will definitely stay at 9th floor after renovation. Nobody volunteered to become the fire warden for 9th floor, so my boss selected me & Kenny.

Each floor from the whole building will assign 4 fire wardens to attend the fire fighting course. There were morning session at our building and afternoon session at Sri Hartamas Balai Bomba.

Once we reached the balai bomba, everybody was like visiting the place & taking photos.

Ways of lifting up the water hose but only guys were enthusiasticly trying out.

Lifting up the water hose to walk like during the tele-match.

How to roll back the water hose.

Everybody get to put off the fire using the 9kg fire distinguish.

P.A.S.S. - Push the ring, Aim to the fire, Squeeze the handle, Spray the fire. Spray it according to the wind flow.

Someone requested to show everybody the type of pipes.

Everybody was allowed to go up to the fire fighter vehical, either the driver seats or passenger seats. The fire ladder from the vehical are able to go up to 10 floors.


hui ying said... come u sibuk take picture.. u got pay attention or not one. our life depends on u guys, u know.. lol

Yan Ting said...

as they said... sambil belajar, sambil lawat.

Josephine said...

i know mana tempat.
In hartamas rite?

Yan Ting said...

ya, sri hartamas balai bomba. You been there b4?

Josephine said...

Havent been to the balai, but i used to work in the restaurant next to the balai years ago...