Thursday, December 25, 2008

Karaoke on Christmas

Another session of X'mas gift exchange. It's with Hoon, Janet & Sunny at Redbox Lowyat. The price on X'mas was a bit higher than normal rate with RM20++ (buffet + drink) for 3 hours.

We got to sing 神木与瞳's '为你而活'&'草戒指', etc.

The gift must be at least RM20.
After opening... The froggy botol was appeared on last night's gift exchange! And this time I got the Froggy bottle + Doggy bone wrist rest. How come the gifts that I chosed were split into 2 gifts again? Now, I have 4 gifts during 2 session of gift exchange. Cup, Cow Sleep Mask, Froggy bottle and Doggy bone wrist rest.

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