Saturday, July 12, 2008

The 32nd Bon Odori 2008

My first time to visit Bon Odori in Shah Alam, Panasonic Sports Complex. It's convenient to reach by KTM where there were many free shuttle buses awaiting us at Shah Alam KTM station.
Shashin o torimasu ka? 写真を撮りますか。
Open air Sushi King stall.
Many varieties of Japanese food was selling at food corner. Of course the price was expensive. いろいろ食べ物。とても高かったです。
The stage of performance.
The dancers were waiting to go on stage.
Japanese kids simply dance on the street.
Look at the Japanese kid faces......
A group of girls wearing like pejamas.
kimono... kimono... everywhere...
so shiny......
The performers also had their own photo sessions before going up to stage.
Everybody can follow to dance on the field. This front row were students from Japanese school who were assigned to follow dancing.
I met with my japanese classmates and Iwahara sensei:
Lee-san saw Iwahara sensei from the crowd and brought her over to us. Lee-san also joined in the photo. Iwahara sensei no longer teaching us, she's teaching in UPM now. The guys grab the chance to exchange phone number with sensei.


Booppi said...

hahaha those ばか。i dont even remember who is iwahara ;p .でもぼのどりはたのしかったですね!来年もいしょうにいきませんか?

Yan Ting said...

we all also forgot her name, we only recognised her face =p So, we have to ask her:"sensei, お名前は?"