Sunday, March 16, 2008

Karaoke at 1U Neway

Aren booked 1U Neway for us from 11am-1pm session. Me, HuiYing & NCL were hot blooded to sing. This time I've chosen most of the songs sang by the One Million Star, such as Yoga's 'You Are My Eyes (你是我的眼)', 'That Song (那首歌)', Aska sang the 'Rainy Day (雨天)', Huang Da Wei's 'You made Me Drunk (你把我灌醉)', Alisa who came to PK using the song of Karen Mok's Love '爱', Van Fan's Piano, etc.
2 hours were not enough for us. We kept fast forward to the chorus.
Later on, we window shopping in 1U and continued window shopping in NiuZeXui. Finally we stopped at Dataran Prima for Klang Shun Xing Bakuteh because we wanted to try out the dried bakuteh.

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