Saturday, June 23, 2007

Interiors Lifestyle Showcase

There's a free admission Malaysia's Interior Lifestyle Showcase in Menara MATRADE in Jalan Duta.
hey, real people demo in the bathroom showcase, but they look like...
This exhibition is mainly for contractors, including renovation advices, etc. Exhibitions on types of tiles, furniture designs, doors & handles, carpets, glass decorations, design education.
SauJin was assigned to work in HK for a few months, so he helped us to collect some travel information of Macau. It is very useful. Many of our colleagues have been assigned to work at HK office, it is pretty easy to obtain the info from them as well. Unfortunately, for the time being nobody will be in HK office during our travel period, so we cannot stay with their hotels or apartment to save budget. Our current plan will be...... once reaching Macau airport, we straight away head to HK for 2 or 3 days, then take train/bus to ShenZhen for 2 days, finally back to ZhuHai or Macau. The plan is still kept changing and under discussion during office lunch sometimes.

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