Sunday, March 04, 2007

Colleagues House Visiting

The day before Chap Goh Meh, it's our last day to get angpow from our colleagues who are married. We couldn't run away from gambling as well. Newly learnt a game named 'Nami'...... By playing Nami and common poker card games, having BBQ in Vincent's house, the day ended at midnight. Fireworks from Bukit Jalil could clearly be seen from Vincent's front yard while having BBQ, what a joyful & beautiful night after a heavy rain. Bye-bye to Aren for a month again, leaving us to HK.

- Movie -
My Life as McDull(HK, 2001) - Pig year watch Pig movie :) A meaningful yet nonsense cartoon movie. 粉真实也粉够废的一部动画电影,是粉够废的啦!什么'Orange' & 'Banana'道理, 纸包鸡包纸的废道理,不过还蛮暴笑的。I still wanna download its 麦儿菠萝油王子。

- Food -
Aunty recommended us another LuiCha restaurant in Kepong, somewhere near to Wai Sik Kai. The portion is lesser than the food stall with the same price & same taste but there are also other Hakka little serves, like Vege dough 菜板.


hui ying said...

i think the game is called ginrami la.. not nami...

wei.. photoshop the pics first ma.. ;p

Yan Ting said...

if didn't photoshop the pic.... not nice meh?