Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Balik Malacca

Balik Durian Tunggal again, my dad's home town. Every time when we balik, we sure will eat this... It's one of our traditional food - 咸茶, kinda like LuiCha and it's not the kind of HoPo (荷婆) type. What I like most is its simple golden rice + salted tea soup + variety of vegetables serving together.

Aunties families and us went to Bei Zhan restaurant at Melaka Raya which is opposite the Garden City Services Apartment in Bandar Hilir.

Today was my 3rd time to 'Lou Sang' during this CNY already. This restaurant is in my recommended list where the food is nice & have quality, fast service, clean toilet, price OK.

Chinese New Year is normally the most fun festival for children, the food that is served for guests eventually will be in their stomach. For adults, it's time to relax or having gatherings.


hui ying said...

The "Dear Tank" is exactly the song from 張智成, "Dear God" .. :0

I prefer "Dear God".. ;)

Yan Ting said...

ya ar? u have Dear God? let me listen.